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Use Stomio embedded widget for a frictionless customer experience in your SaaS product

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OCT 23, 2023

Stomio has earned its reputation as a leading platform for gathering user feedback across both hardware products and SaaS applications. When it comes to SaaS products, it’s important to capture user feedback as close to their experience as possible. Directing users to Stomio as a research companion is a good approach but engaging with them natively in your web application is even better.

That’s why we built our embedded  widget. By seamlessly integrating the widget within their applications, product companies can now capture real-time feedback effortlessly.

In this article:

Create an In-App program

When creating a new Stomio Project, the next step after selecting a meaningful name, you need to decide if it will be running within the Stomio App (we call this type: Stomio) or within a SaaS application using the widget (we call it In APP) . One of the most significant distinctions is the user experience. When using the Stomio App, your users are required to sign up and create a Stomio account. On the other hand, when utilizing the widget, they are already logged into your App, allowing them to directly provide feedback without any additional steps.

In the creation wizard, you should select the type “In App”.

The rest of the creation process is similar to the one used in Stomio Project with the exception of not being able to manually recruit testers via email, since the tester will be users of the web application

Deploy the widget in your web App

Once you are happy with the tasks and steps you created, The next step is to deploy the widget into your web App. While the deployment of the widget is simple, it needs to be executed by the engineering team to ensure it is deployed correctly and securely.

To facilitate the deployment process, the engineering team will require some details from you:

But don't worry; we have excellent developer documentation available. Simply hand it over to your engineering team.

Monitor your program and gather feedback

Once the code is deployed, you will start receiving feedback from your SaaS users. In addition, users can open tickets directly using the widget, and they can opt-in to receive follow up communication about their tickets.

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