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Connect Stomio to Jira

Read time: 5 mins aprox
JAN 23, 2023
jira integration

Jira is a leading issue tracking platform developed by Atlassian and used by millions of developers worldwide. By integrating Stomio with Jira, you can easily extend your voice of customer to the development team by pushing a ticket in Stomio to an issue in Jira.

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Enabling Jira Integration

Alert: this is an Admin-only flow in Stomio.

Alert: you need to have an account created in Jira for the integration to work.

1. Stomio account admin must install the Jira integration using a Jira account with admin privileges.

2. Jira users need to be Jira managed accounts. As of today, Jira considers as managed:

What are managed accounts?
  • All the Atlassian accounts with email addresses from a verified domain of the workspace.
  • All accounts imported via directory integration such as google workspace.

3. If users are not managed and due to default privacy setting of unmanaged accounts (email is hidden by default), we don't have a way to match users in Stomio to users in Jira, then some Issue assignment (such as same_as_stomio) and setting issue reporters will not work. In addition, any future features that depend on matching users between Jira and Stomio will not work if users are not managed.

As an Admin, navigate to the SpaceIntegrations. Enable Jira integration by clicking on “Connect” next to Jira. This action will direct you to Jira so you can login to your account. After you successfully login, you will be prompted to allow Stomio to access your Jira account information. Click Yes.

Configuring Your Jira Integration

As an Admin, after you enable Jira integration, you should configure your Jira integration by clicking on Setup in the Jira integration card.

jira integration

The setup page has 3 main parts:

Important Note - Jira projects can be company managed or team managed. Stomio took a simplified approach and most mapping is done at workspace level. If your Jira projects that you are planning to connect to Stomio are not homogeneous (i.e. have different statuses and issue types… etc) some actions will not work if no valid matching is available. For example, setting issue type mapping will only create Jira issues if that issue type is available in the corresponding project.

Beta Links
jira integration

If a Beta in Stomio is not linked to a project or epic in Jira and the Jira integration is enabled in the workspace, Managers in the beta will see below message in the right navigation panel of each ticket in Stomio. Clicking on Link will guide the Manager to the Jira setup page under integrations so they can link that beta to a project or an epic in Jira.

Pushing Stomio Tickets to Jira

Push Methods

Alert: this is an Admin-only flow in Stomio.

Admins can configure how tickets in Stomio get pushed to Jira. There are two options:

1- Manual (default): this option enables managers in Stomio to moderate all tickets in Stomio and validate the details with the customer before pushing an individual ticket to Jira. This is a preferred and default behavior.

2- Automatic: this option automatically creates a Jira issue for every ticket created in Stomio so the product team filters all tickets coming from Stomio in Jira. 

Field Mapping

Alert: this is an Admin-only flow in Stomio.

Admins need to map specific fields in Stomio to entities in Jira for the integration to work. This is a critical step in the integration setup. Below are the fields in Stomio that need to be mapped to Jira

integration Jira

Pushing Stomio Tickets to Jira

After the integration is enabled and the Beta is linked to Jira, Managers in the Beta in Stomio will be able to push a ticket in to Jira manually (or automatically if that’s the configured push method) by clicking on the “Push to Jira” button that appears in the right panel for the ticket.

push ticket to jira

Once the ticket is pushed to Jira, the push button will be replaced by a Jira ticket number corresponding to the ticket in Stomio under “Jira Issue” field in the right panel of the ticket. Clicking on the Jira Issue will open a new tab directing the Manager directly to the Jira issue.

jira integration

All follow on comments and updates in Stomio will be pushed automatically to Jira from Stomio once the ticket is pushed to Jira. 

Important Note - Due to Jira limitations, comments on issues will be reported as being submitted by the admin who installed the integration. Stomio adds the original submitter name in the messages pushed to Jira.

Important Note - While Stomio accepts bigger attachments depending on the plan, only files under 10MB will be synced between Stomio Tickets and Jira Issues.

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