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Build and launch your products with your customers! At Scale!

Stomio lets you 10x the feedback from your customers during product development at half of the time needed.

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Stomio - Beta management platform for B2B product teams

Beta testing is hard...

“Beta testing process in my experience has been definitely difficult and very chaotic and sometimes stressful”
Priyanka Sanghvi
Product Manager, Microsoft
“There is a lot of operational cost involved in managing software beta programs. With hardware, you have that plus the cost of the units themselves to consider!”
Tony Carmichael
Product Lead, Cisco Meraki
"The amount of effort it takes to set up a beta program, to get people, to solicit the feedback is challenging"
Andrew Bagrin
Founder CEO, OmniNet
“Beta testing process in my experience has been definitely difficult and very chaotic and sometimes stressful”
John Richards
Director of Engineering
“We lay out the beta process, create the surveys, and engage with beta testers but it’s super manual today!”
Pooja Sathe
Director of Product Management

Benefits of Stomio

The most powerful voice of customer platform in the world! Constantly adding features that bring real value.

Build a flow for your customers to follow. Combine instructions and in-moment feedback using microinstructions framework.

Engage with your customers using any mode of communications needed. Track their feedback in our ticketing system or push it to your bug tracking system of choice.

Data is captured and reported instantly with Stomio. You don’t need to send endless waves of survey links. Let our analysis engine surface trends and insights that are impossible to find anywhere else.

Engage with your customers in your app or using Stomio. Your voice of customer doesn’t need to be limited by your app reach.

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See why B2B product teams rely on Stomio for their beta management during product development

Easy to setup
Fun to engage
Powerful insights

Don’t just take our word

OK! We might be biased but see what other product teams say about Stomio after experiencing it first hand!

“You took a VERY complex workflow and MASSIVELY simplified it! I can't imagine going back to managing my betas in spreadsheets anymore.”
Technical Marketing Engineer, Fortune 100 Company

“I was expecting to spend 2 days to set up my beta but I finished EVERYTHING in 2hrs!”
Sr. Product Manager, B2B PropTech Company

“The visibility into our testers journey is game-changing. We don't just get their feedback but we know where they are in the flow, at what point did they give us this feedback. The level of context is incredibly valuable.”
VP of Product, B2B Home Automation Company

Get rid of the endless spreadsheets!

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