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Stomio - Engage, capture, and analyze your voice of customer throughout your product lifecycle
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How we can help you

10x the impact of your Beta testing at half the time needed!

AI powered

Build a Beta Project incredibly fast!

Use our library of templates, utilize help from AI, or simply build from scratch. A highly engaging beta project is built in minutes not weeks.

I was expecting to spend 2 days to set up my beta but I finished everything in 2hrs!” Sr. Product Manager, B2B PropTech Company

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Quantity & Quality

Maximize your Beta test engagement

Drastically increase your tester engagement and feedback by giving them a centralized, personalized experience they will love and enjoy.

We went from 10% engagement from our beta testers using ad-hoc tools to 70% engagement using Stomio. That's extremely impactful for us!.”
Sr. Product Manager, Fortune 500 Company

In-app widgets elevate user engagement during feedback collection. Embebed the application interface, these widgets offer a frictionless experience, allowing users to express their thoughts without leaving the app environment.Stomio-testers funnel
In-app widget or hosted

Engage with your Beta users where they are

Use our widget for users provide feedback natively in your web application. Or use Stomio for your users provide feedback in Stomio platform.

There was not a really good solution out there! Everything was power points and spreadsheets and recordings.. it was a mess! and it was hard... but now everything is awesome with Stomio!”
Director of Product Management, B2B Company

Stomio - task performance inapp or hosted
Data -> Insights -> Actions

Unlock a wealth of data for your Beta projects

Consolidate all beta feedback in one platform for unmatched insights so you can focus on improving your product and launching it quickly with confidence

The visibility into our testers journey is game-changing. We don't just get their feedback but we know where they are in the flow, at what point did they give us this feedback. The level of context is incredibly valuable.”
VP of Product, B2B Home Automation Company

Stomio - Analysis and insights.Data is collected and surfaced instantly. Uncover high-level insights or dive deep into the valuable data collected from your testers.
Qualitative feedback

Read raw customer feedback and close the loop using our chat feature

Sentiment analysis

Assess and comprehend the emotional tone within textual data in feedback.

Engagement tracking

Monitor and evaluate user interactions, behaviors, and responses.

Integrated with your favorite tools

Seamlessly integrate with popular tools like Slack, Zoom, Zapier Okta and Jira. Enjoy a cohesive project management ecosystem and enhance your existing go-to-market stack.

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