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Use filters for effortless ticket organization

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mAR 06, 2024

Efficiency in Ticket Management is paramount for keeping projects on track and ensuring timely resolution of issues. However, as project complexity increases, so does the volume of tickets, making it challenging to prioritize and address them effectively. Filters act as a magnifying glass, allowing you to zoom in on specific ticket categories, statuses, or assignees swiftly.

Let's explore the filters you can apply:

By Ticket Title

Enter specific keywords to instantly locate relevant tickets. No more endless scrolling!

By Status

Filter tickets by their current status, whether it's 'open' or 'solved’. Stay updated at a glance!

By Type

Easily categorize tickets based on their type—Bug, I’m stuck, Question, Idea—tailored to your needs.

By Assignee

Assigning tasks to managers or teammates? Filter tickets by assignee to track responsibilities seamlessly.

By Reporter

Identify tickets submitted by specific reporter, for easily isolate tickets submitted by individual testers.

By Tags

Leverage tags to further categorize tickets by project, priority, or any custom category you choose.

Maximize your productivity and take control of your ticket management with these simple filtering techniques.

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