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All-in-one voice of customer platform

Continuous discovery with your scale

Stomio helps you run effective user research studies by leveraging scalable bitesize surveys so your intuition is backed by user data.

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Quick start

Start with ease with the help of pre-designed templates or AI assistance.

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Target audiences

Target specific groups of users, ensuring that the right people see the widget.

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Global responses

Summarized output, providing a comprehensive overview of the feedback.

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In-app / Out-app

Collect feedback through Stomio's responsive app or your own web application.

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AI powered

Start easily using templates or AI

Start with ease using our user-friendly templates or harness the power of AI for quick, unique designs. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner product manager, Stomio makes the set up process simple. Dive into your projects with confidence, knowing that our platform is designed to empower your product from the very beginning.

Stomio - Start easy using templates or AI assistance
Stomio - Target audiences
Precision matters

Target audiences

Targeting ensures that your survey widget becomes more than just a data collection tool—it becomes a powerful instrument that connects you with the voices that matter most. Make sure you surface your in-app surveys to your audience where you want to capture their feedback.

Stomio - globar responses
Make informed decisions

Global responses

Go beyond aggregating survey data and providing a comprehensive visual snapshot of trends and patterns. Leverage sentiment analysis to dive deeper by understanding not just what was said but how users feel. AI-powered summarization distill complex datapoints into concise takeaways. With Stomio, data interpretation is effortless empowering you with to make informed decisions.

Multi-channel voice of costumer

In-app widget or hosted

Supporting user engagement involves meeting users where they are in their product journey. Depending on the lifecycle stage and product type, feedback can be conveniently collected via Stomio's responsive app or integrated into your web application.

Product feedback is critical to product success. Give your customers a simple mechanism to share their opinion.


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Product teams in software and hardware companies trust Stomio to get feedback and make their product decisions.

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