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Priyanka Sanghvi
Product Manager, Microsoft
“Beta testing process in my experience has been definitely difficult and very chaotic and sometimes stressful”
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John Richards
Director of Engineering
“I believe there is a lot of samples that go out for testing and I think there’s a small portion that gets high quality structured feedback back and I believe that’s partly due to the way those beta programs are run and implemented”
Tony Carmichael
Product Lead, Cisco Meraki
“There is a lot of operational cost involved in managing software beta programs. With hardware, you have that plus the cost of the units themselves to consider!”
Pooja Sathe
Director of Product Management
“We lay out the beta process, create the surveys, and engage with beta testers but it’s super manual today!”
Andrew Bagrin
Founder CEO, OmniNet
"The amount of effort it takes to set up a beta program, to get people, to solicit the feedback is challenging"