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beta testing needs

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Plan, monitor, and manage all of your betas in a single place. A beta is the entity that bonds your team, testers, and products for the duration of the program.

Track task completion
Manager your testers onboarding
How works Stomio - Betas section


Design a flow for your testers to follow using micro-instructions framework. Give them quick and easy instructions with probing questions to capture valuable feedback on the spot while it's fresh in your testers' mind.

Combine instructions and feedback in one flow
Get better engagement and feedback
How works Stomio - microinstructions


Consolidate all of your communications with your testers using Stomio. Whether you want to send an announcement, chat with a specific tester or simply have your testers reports issues.

Manage open tickets from your testers
Chat and send announcements proactively
How works Stomio - Comms


Don't waste your time cleaning spreadsheets and creating v-lookup tables! Your tester feedback and their performance is all available for you with a click of a button!

Tester engagement funnel
Tasks, Tickets and Testers summary
How works Stomio - Results


Your tester database shouldn't be buried in a spreadsheet collecting dust until the next beta cycle! With Stomio, your tester database is live and flexible to your specific business needs.

Custom fields and tags
Shared live database with all of your teammates
How works Stomio - Users
Our Beta Testing Handbook for Product Professionals

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