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Using custom tags to organize your tickets

Read time: 2 min aprox
DEC 28, 2023

Streamlining ticket management is crucial for smooth business operations. Custom tags are the game-changer here, transforming how tickets are organized and prioritized. Join us in this guide as we dive deep into harnessing the power of custom tags to boost efficiency and clarity in your ticketing system.

Here is a step by step guide to tag your tickets.

Accessing the Tag Creation Section

  1. Log in to your Stomio manager account and navigate to Space > Tags. You will find two different tabs: Smart tags and Custom tags. Smarts tags are automatically assigned to your users and Custom tags are your personalized ones. Navigate to Custom Tags.

Creating Tag Categories

  1. Look for the option to create tag categories in the bottom right corner.
  2. Click on Create Tag + a popup must appear.

Defining Tag Categories

  1. Name your tag category descriptively, such as "Severity," "Priority," "Effort," etc.
  2. Determine the types of tags you want within this category. For instance, if it's "Priority," tags could be "High," "Medium," and "Low”.
  3. Tags can be applied in 2 sections of the app, users and tickets. For this time we want to categorize just tickets.
  4. Click Done to finish the process.

Assigning Tags to Tickets

  1. Access the Users table under principal left navigation.
  2. Locate the user you want to assign tags to and select or multi-select the ones applying.

Usage of tags

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