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Introducing New User Role: Viewer

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May 31, 2024

At Stomio, we are committed to helping product teams streamline their beta programs, increase tester engagement, and facilitate the smooth running of beta tests. Until now, our platform has primarily featured two main management roles: "Admin" and "Manager". Today, we are excited to introduce a new role designed to enhance visibility and insights within your team: the "Viewer".

What is the Viewer Role?

The Viewer role, as the name suggests, allows users to view tickets and beta results to gain insights into how a beta program is progressing. However, unlike Admins and Managers, Viewers cannot interact with other testers or managers. This role is purely observational, providing read-only access to valuable data and performance metrics.

Key Features of the Viewer Role:

Results View for Viewer User, all actions are disabled

Ticket Details, all actions are disabled

Who Can Benefit from the Viewer Role?

The Viewer role is versatile and can be beneficial for various stakeholders outside the immediate product team. Here are a few examples:


Note: that this doesn’t apply to workspaces with Okta integration. For more information on Okta integration, check the next section.

Seamless Integration with Okta

If your workspace has Okta integration enabled, provisioning new users can be streamlined through a custom user attribute stomio_role that defines the user's role at the time of provisioning. For more detailed information on this process, please refer to the Okta documentation.

Ayham Ereksousi
Co-Founder CEO