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Hello World!

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Jan 27, 2022

Stomio is an all-new platform designed to enable product development professionals to get the most out of their beta testing phase.


I’ve been in product for almost my entire career. I’ve been fortunate to be involved in building dozens of products…at multiple companies. Even with all this variety, I found one universal truth:

The beta testing process was a CIRCUS.

You spend months planning and developing your baby. Then you get to share it with a select group of customers during the beta testing phase. But the beta testing process itself? It’s wasteful, chaotic, and frustrating. Worst of all, it’s ESSENTIAL to your success. But what if it was easier to recruit testers? What if those testers were more engaged in the process? What if their feedback was faster, better and more helpful? What if showing off your baby was as much fun as making it in the first place?

That’s why we started Stomio - to help product teams run great beta tests.

I’m excited about what we’re building…and, yes, I can’t wait to for you to check it out!
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Ayham Ereksousi
Co-Founder CEO